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Office of Technology Transfer
  • Staff Directory

  • Director

  • Asha Rajagopal, Ph.D.

    Phone: 713-348-6231
    Email: asha.rajagopal@rice.edu
    1040A BRC
  • Licensing Staff

  • Shilpa Ghurye, J.D., Ph.D.

    Patent Portfolio Manager
    Phone: 713-348-2691
    Email: shilpag@rice.edu
    1040G BRC

    Ananya Bhattacharya, Ph.D.

    Intellectual Property Manager
    Phone: 713-348-6272
    Email: ananya.bhattacharya@rice.edu
    BRC 1040B

    Andrew Castillo, Ph.D.

    Sr. Licensing Associate - Biological Sciences
    Phone: 713-348-2838
    Email: ac70@rice.edu
    1040H BRC

    Neha Malik, Ph.D.

    Licensing Associate - Physical Sciences
    Phone: 713-348-4106
    Email: neha.malik@rice.edu
    1040F BRC

    Matthew Patterson, Ph.D.

    Licensing Associate
    Phone: 713-348-5580
    Email: pattermc@rice.edu
    1040M BRC
  • Industrial Contract Staff

  • Alba Delgado

    Industrial Contracts Specialist III
    Phone: 713-348-5590
    Email: a.delgado@rice.edu
    1040C BRC

    Nicole Corali

    Industrial Contract Spec II
    Phone: 713-348-8146
    Email: nc35@rice.edu
    1040D BRC

    Lydia Tkachenko

    Industrial Contract Specialist II
    Phone: 713-348-6125
    Email: ltkachenko@rice.edu
    1040E BRC
  • Administrative and Operations Staff

  • Carla Garic

    Assistant Director, Operations
    Phone: 713-348-3204
    Email: cgaric@rice.edu
    1040L BRC

    Robin Bryant

    Finance and Compliance Administrator
    Phone: 713-348-6188
    Email: rbryant@rice.edu
    BRC 1040

    Kara Spicer

    Patent Docket and Compliance Administrator
    Phone: 713-348-3057
    Email: kara.spicer@rice.edu
    1040 BRC

    Jeffrey Welch

    Department Coordinator
    Phone: 713-348-6156
    Email: jeff.welch@rice.edu
    1040 BRC

    Angela Hurley

    Executive Assistant
    Phone: 713-348-8124
    Email: angela.hurley@rice.edu
    1040 BRC